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Season 15 Tournament Results

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Season 15 High Hand - Sherman ; Week 7


May 28/29 , 2022

At last we made it through another regular season, with Covid delays and schedule shifting.  Thank you everyone for your patience this season and understanding the struggle. Scottie took down week 11 and Junior takes down the final tournament of the season. Championship will be in two weeks, June 12th, so don't forget to bring your $20 for the added 4th place purse. Championship starts at noon! Final Standings are posted and final table chip stacks are entered into the chart now. See you then.

April 30/May1, 2022

Another double up weekend in the books! Congrats to Sherman and Scottie on picking up a win each and The Medic is on a tear this season and racking up more points. It's gonna take a 3-peat by someone to have any shot at catching him! All standings are updated and we have 9 of 12 in the books now. Remember, only your top 8 scores count to the final table. The standings excel form shows only 5 scores crossed out but it is only counting 8 scores for those of us that have more tourneys than that played.  Next game is May 15th and Jason/Dustin will be running things as I have training with the Fire Department that day. Cheers all and I'll see you all at the last one.  .

April 2/3, 2022

Well that was a great weekend folks! The medic is cleaning up with back to back victories Saturday and Sunday. We had some drinks and tons of food and as always lots of laughs. Dad's looking down on us with a huge grin. Poor Elmer shoved on the river Saturday with a straight flush and Ken folded his hand making Elmer's hand void for the high hand of the season. We did however see the high hand change when Dustin called Sherman's all in with his pocket 9's only to see Sherman with Aces, and flop quads! At this point it looks like Chiro, Barber and Ole Scottie are mathematically eliminated from the juicy final table purse! ;-P
Two weeks from now is Easter so have a wonderful holiday everyone and we won't see you again until the April 30/May 1st double up weekend at the end of the month.

March 20th, 2022

Well yours truly finally took down one and with a good turnout to boot! The Medic took down second place with Sherm right behind in third. Double up week coming up for Dad's birthday. See you then.


March 6th, 2022

First double up weekend is in the books and standings are up to date. Next game is Sunday, March 20th. Lee takes down week 4 with Dustin and Jason rounding out the top 3. The Barber finally made it out for a game and just waiting to meet the Chiropractor! See you in two weeks folks.


March 5th, 2022

We are back at it again folks! 10 were able to make it today and Will took down the win with Dustin and Tara close behind. Will also chalked up the new high hand for the season with quad queens and a 10 kicker. We go again tomorrow at noon for week 4 and hope to see more faces if possible. Good to be throwing cards and chips again.

Junior <3

Dec 12, 2021

12 players for week 2 and Sherman added to the roster once again! Welcome back Sherm and nice second place finish. Today's victory goes to Elmer and Lee now holds the high hand with Aces over 9"s and took down the last spot in the top 3, although with 12 we only paid out top 2. NO game in two weeks folks as this is Boxing Day so we will see you Saturday, Jan 8th at 1:00pm and again Sunday, Jan 9th at Noon for our first double up weekend. Duber and The Medic will be in charge of running Week 3 but I'll be back for the week 4 Sunday game. We hope you all have a safe and Happy Holiday and will see you all again in the New Year.

Mom & Junior <3

Nov 28, 2021

Well, it's been a long time coming but today we were back at it for live poker again and our 15th season! We lost a number of regular players and gained a few new ones. Welcome Will, Rob(Dentist), Dave(Chiro), and after some hiatus, Ken and Steve(Deadman). Looking forward to another great season of fun yet competitive poker with tons of laughs. Congrats to The Medic for taking the first victory of the new season. Bryce and Ken finish out the top 3 respectfully. Thanks to Mom for brightening up the new poker room and giving us a place to play and remember and honor Dad. See you all in two weeks!



Feb 10, 2020

Today is a bitter sweet day. 14 seasons of poker at this location with so many ups and downs endured through the years. Some years were tougher than others but you all stuck with us through it all. Players have come and gone but our core remains strong and hopefully will continue to for many years to come. I cannot imagine a better group of players to share every other Sunday with through the winter, throwing cards and chips around in good fun and comradery. Please know you all hold a special place within our family and Dad, Mum and I thank all of you. We will finish off this season at Rob's place in town and I hope season 15 will be played where ever Bren and I end up. Two more tournies before the finals. Good luck to all. 


Feb 10, 2020

We are well into the new year and 3/4 of the way through season 14! Gracie took down his third victory of the season and moved well into the season point lead. With week 10 in the books now, some players will start to drop low scores and only score the differential in points in each week. This should help start to tighten up the top 9 and begin the battle for Championship seats! Location is here in McKellar until further notice. 

Dec 29, 2019

Well as Jason Bailey described it, a Christmas miracle has occured and Hugh has won!!! Congrats Hugh, very well played tournament by one of our most steady players. Standings have been updated and I hope you all have a safe New Year.  See you all in 2020!

Dec 15, 2019

Well we are almost rounding out 2019, one left to go.  Thanks to everyone for bringing something to the potluck today and always making our tournaments feel together.  Dustin made a great comeback heads up to take down his second tourney in a row! Make sure Steph gets some of that dough buddy.  Merry Christmas to all of you and we'll see you on the 29th, but if you won't be in attendance then Happy New Year to you as well! 
Cheers all,

Oct 6, 2019

Another great start to another exciting season of poker. Kevin hauls in the first victory of season 14 with Sean taking second and Tara in third. 20 players to begin the season which is a fantastic turn out. let's keep those numbers up this year and build that pot! Welcome to Tim Hill, one of our newest players. We have 22 members this season so 2 more members spots are available. See you in two weeks folks!
Cheers all,

Sept 24 , 2019

Well, here we go again folks!  Who'd have thought we'd still be going into a 14th season? This season will still be held at our usual location.  We are expecting some new players this season and there will be 24 members seats available to play.  Please send me your $50 registration fee to jamesbissonjr@hotmail.com. The schedule has been up for some time so look it over and clear the date for the finals now so there are no conflicts when the Championship gets here, as that is the date and there will be no changes. October 6th is tournament 1 so please be there for 11:30 so we can register new players, collect entry fees and get started on time.  We will be starting our tournaments this season no later than 12:00! You must be here BEFORE that time or have messaged or called me BEFORE that time to be entered into the computer for that days tournament.  There will be no exceptions and if you are late and have NOT contacted me, you will have to wait until the cash game or miss that week.  Players show up on time and are often waiting for other players to show up so be considerate and get here early please so we can start on time.  
Cheers all,

April 7th , 2019

WOW! What another amazing finish to our 13th Season.  So many variables for so many players to determine our Championship 9! Gracie steals his second victory of the season and secures 5th place for a Championship seat.  Mike "Battle"d very hard heads up but came up just shy of a seat and finishes in 11th place, and Tara almost snuck in but ends up finishing in 10th in the standings!  Our final tournament saw a new high hand for the season to close it out with a straight flush by Gracie heads up, and the Point Leader Title goes to Dustin!  Congrats buddy, great year.  Gracie is looking into work and is sure that he can finish early on Saturday, April 27th so it is still our tentative Championship date with a 2:30pm start time slotted! Thank you again to all our players for another great regular season and I truly hope you all return for Season 14.  Onto the Championship.
Cheers all,

April 6th , 2019

One down and one to go to determine our season points leader and our Championship 9.  Dennis takes down week 13 with Dustin in close second.  Dustin climbs back into the points lead with one tourney to go.  Jason Bailey takes down third this week.  Good luck to all of those fighting for a seat at the Championship.  Should be interesting. Thanks to everyone who brought out grub to our potluck today.  Delicious 

March 24, 2019

Two tournaments left to go and we will finish it off with a double header!  Kevin wins his 2nd tournament of the season giving him the points lead back going into the final week!  Don't forget Saturday, April 6th at 2:00pm is Week 13 and Sunday, April 7th at Noon is Week 14.Being our last week before the final how does everyone feel about a little pot luck on the Saturday game?  Let me know.  
The Championship tentative date is April 27th at 2:00pm, and if ALL 9 players cannot make that date then THOSE 9 players will immediately decide a date that works for them ALL.  Hugh is away from April 30th to May 23rd and he has been with us since Season 1. I had posted the schedule on the site for last season with a note to make sure to keep the final date free and booked off so players could attend.  I had thought that I updated it for this season but realized it never posted and still shows last seasons schedule.  I cannot with conscious mind decide that we play May 5th and without him.  I will however be posting next years schedule EARLY so the date is in writing and uncontestable.  I apologize if this seems inconvenient for anyone but that's how it is.  

March 10, 2019

Week 11 in the books and Gracie takes his first win of the season.  Junior places second and Mike third.  Points standings are tightening up now and less than 10 points separates 6th to 14th!  We have 3 weeks left to play and a final date still to figure out.  At the next tournament game I would like everyone to be there early so we can iron out a date for the Championship that works for everyone that may be affected.  We need to solidify a date so it can be marked on the calendar!  See you all in two weeks if not sooner.

Feb 28, 2019

Tara has offered to host a poker game on Saturday, March 9th at her place in Sequin.  The address is 48 Lower Lane.  You can access her place via 4x4 or snowmobile.  If you don't have a 4x4 then you can park at the end of Salmon Lake Road by the sand dunes and Tara will pick up people from there.  She also said she has room for people to stay overnight if needed before our Sunday tournament game.  Buy in will be $20 with a rebuy in the first 3 levels, followed by a cash game or if time allows, another tournament game.  Please contact myself and let me know if you wish to play so I can give Tara a heads up to numbers.    

Feb 24, 2019

Duber takes down his 3rd win of the season and moves back into the point lead again.  Jason Bailey took down second and Junior nabs another third.  A few players have reached 10 scores and will start to drop their low scores going into week 11. The bottom half of Championship table spots is tightening up as we approach the end of the season so it should be another interesting finish. See you all in two weeks.  

Feb 10, 2019

A little behind on my website updates but working to get them up quicker guys and gal.  Congrats to Sean on his second win of the season and to The Barber for a runner up finish after his win in week 8, that just vaulted him into the points lead!  To all players who are in or close to the Final 9, a Championship date needs to be ironed out between everyone so we can chalk something into the calendar.  We can once again work on that in Week 10.  .

Dec 30, 2018

Back from 2 weeks in Atlanta for work and tossing cards once again! Thanks Dustin for hosting the last two weeks. Appreciate it so much. Standings are updated folks and our next tournament game will be in 2019, on January 13th. Dustin and Jason will run it and it will be here at the house in McKellar. I'll be in Dominican so unfortunately you'll have to do without my gracious presence! Happy New Year to you all and all the best for 2019. Love you all.

Nov 18, 2018

Week 3 saw another two full tables of 16 so we're getting great turn outs.  Tara and Sherman battled heads up for the win this week with Sherman taking it down in the end.  Richard took down third spot and Sean missed a cash out in fourth.  See you all in two week folks.  Thinking  our December 16th (week 5) tournament will be a good one for a little Christmas pot luck.  If anyone has any food dishes they want to tackle let me know and I'll list them here so everyone can see them.  

Nov 4, 2018

Well after making a absolutely solid call to an all in, on the second deal of the tournament, I was run down on the river as usual, and eliminated by Lee in Week 2.  Sick, cold deck once again.  Dustin out lasted the other 15 entries this week to take down a victory and top points for the week. Standings are updated and looking forward to seeing more faces in Week 3.  Cheers everyone.

Oct 21, 2018

Week 1 is in the books and Jason Bailey battled with Kevin heads up for a while to come back and take down the win to start off Season 13. Welcome to Rob and Trish in their first full season! We may get a few more players joining in the next week or so and that could mean possibly 3 tables for some games with a good attendance, which in turn means a higher purse as well as extra money for the Championship rake! Look forward to seeing you all in week 2.

Oct 20, 2018

Welcome back to another season of poker folks!  We start Season 13 tomorrow at our usual location here in McKellar.  Please bring your $50 Membership fee and of course the regular $30 entry for the tournament.  We have at least 2 new players joining and i'm not sure how many are returning.  Guess we will see tomorrow when people start showing up? Cheers
12 noon cards fly so be early please! 


May 6, 2018

Season 12 is now in the books and Kevin is your victor after a long heads up battle with Jason Bailey.  Wade finished in 3rd and Junior takes down 4th place.  The top 3 decided to do a split of the money and play for the bragging rights and being the first to hold the trophy as Champion.  It was another great year and I love our poker family.  We have all summer to enjoy and it will be discussed as to whether or not we continue to hold our season here at the house or move it elsewhere.  That decision will ultimately be up to mom.  Cheers to all of you for your love and support this winter for our family.  I can't think of a better bunch of folks to hang out with all winter and throw cards.  Lots of love, Junior and Sue
Championship Results


April 30, 2018

The rounded starting stacks for this Sundays final are updated on the standings sheet. Please bring $20 each and that will pay out 4th place with $180. Looking forward to seeing what lies inside the 'Donkey Bag' once again. Probably my favourite part of Championship day! lol See you all Sunday. Tell people about coming out for the cash game also. It will be open to anyone and will start up when we do at noon. Cheers Junior


April 22, 2018

Week 14 is complete and our 12th season is in the books pre Championship.  Junior takes down the final tournament and jumps from 11th to 5th in the standings.  Jason Bailey takes 2nd place and takes down the points championship once again finishing just ahead of Sherman.  High hand this season goes to Kevin with quad Aces with a King in week 11.  Thank you all for another wonderful year and looking forward to another exciting Championship table finish on May 6th.  Please be here early folks so we can get started right at 12 noon.  To honor the old man there will be a 10th seat at the final this season as Dad held onto a final table birth up until week 13.  It will be an empty seat but I hope everyone feels his spirit at the Championship table and let's hold a toast to Pop in his memory as we finish off his final season with us. Love ya Pop, and thanks for looking out for me towards the end of the season.  
Cash game is open for all others interested so please come on out and play while we battle it out for the 'big money'.  


March 11, 2018

So we are now at the point where low scores are dropping and being replaced with the difference in higher ones.  3 tournaments are left and it's already tightening up for final seats to the Championship table! Jason Bailey remains in the lead for the points title with Sherman close behind him.  With a double up this weekend we caught up again and saw Harper take down his first win Saturday and Gracie repeat from two weeks ago winning today.  Congrats fellas.  We also saw the high hand get beat once again with Kevin snagging Quad Aces with a King kicker.  See you all in two weeks! Standings are updated.


February 25, 2018

Another one in the books and Mr. Gracie takes his first tournament victory over Richard.  Point standings are updated everyone.  Next tournament is a double up folks.  We will play Saturday, March 10th at 3pm and then Sunday March 11th at Noon.  If you can't make it for these times please let me know so we are not waiting for you to show.  We would like to wish Sean a very Happy 29th Birthday.  You're getting old brother.  Cheers everyone.


February 12, 2018

It's been almost 3 weeks now but still feels like yesterday I lost my Pop.  He was one of my best friends and we enjoyed doing so many things together.  I cherish the time I spent with him and will miss him every day. Our first tournament back just didn't feel the same but I know he would want us to play and remember all the donkey calls and bonehead bets he made, making us cringe and the river card was slowly delivered usually in his favor. I think he took that giant horseshoe with him on his journey but I hope he watches over at least a few hands for me from time to time.  He will be missed by so many and me especially as I've lost my poker rival, golf buddy and mentor.  I love ya Pop.

Standings are now updated and current.  


December 17, 2017

5 weeks into er now and Jason Bailey is now the points leader as we take our Christmas break.  Sherman took down Jason to take top points in week 5 and jump up to second place in the standings.  Our pot luck was a great hit and of course tons of food was available and there's plenty of leftovers.  I hope everyone has  a safe and happy holiday and all the best to you all in the New Year.  We couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys to share our Sundays with through the winter.  Cheers to you all.  



December 11, 2017

NOTE: The standings are once again updated under the old Excel format and you can now view them clearly on the site and the Final Table tab is again functional to see what final chip counts would be if the season ended today.  Keep the food additions coming guys, only 3 days away.  Cheers guys. 
Just a friendly reminder everyone that this Sunday is an early start at 11:00am.  Sherman is bringing some grub for the BBQ so if you have a dish you would like to contribute please let me know so I can put it on the list and we can have a "Christmas Dinner" poker style.  Let's make this a fun pot luck and leave here with our bellies full.  See you all Sunday. Cheers 

Sherman - Venison
Junior - 2 pies
Jordan - Beer! (Jordan Wins)
Beaz - Spinach Dip
Hugh - Honey Garlic ribs
Dustin - salad
Jason B - desserts
Lee - fruits
Sue - butter tarts and meatballs
Jason Mc - meatballs

December 3, 2017

We're back online and updating the site folks. If you notice anything wrong on the site and/or out of place please let me know in case i've missed something. I've updated the schedule page, the weekly results and the standings. Don't forget that in two weeks we start at 11:00am instead of noon! See you all then. Cheers

February 26, 2017

Week 10 is in the books and the standings are tight. 3rd through 13th are less than 10 points apart and low scores begin to drop next tournament! Looking forward to another exciting finish to our season. Cheers

January 15, 2017

What a great weekend! Two tournaments played and a good time had by all. Might have to do this each year when one week falls on a holiday! Lee was on fire Saturday and took down the week 6 tournament in an 18 player field. That day we also saw a new high hand for the year by Beaz with a royal flush!

Sunday saw 17 players as Dennis indulged a wee too much sauce Saturday and found himself doing paper work Sunday! The first two hours were crazy on table 2 with players seeing pocket Aces more than 10 times and pocket Kings around the same! Sherman ended up taking down the win. Congrats. Points are updated and online!

December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members. I wish the best this holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year. Please remember we will NOT play January 1st. Instead we will play Saturday, January 14th at 2:00pm, and again Sunday, January 15th at our normal 12:00 start time.

October 23, 2016

Welcome to Season 11 folks! Here we go again. It was great to see new faces, some familiar faces that decided to return and of course all of our returning family! 15 players turned out for Week 1 and we have 21 possible members for the year with a couple prospective players still undecided. We're all looking forward to our best year yet and our largest Championship purse hopefully. Please welcome Mike, Daryl, Jordan , Dustin and Jeff to the league. Good luck to all and let's have a great year. Cheers

April 18, 2016

Well season 10 wraps up this Sunday with our Championship. Congratulations to our "Not November Nine!" lol. Another season came down to the final week for seats at the final table and Steve nabbed a seat just in time with a victory in Week 14.
Congrats to Jason Bailey for another Points Title and the $250 bonus prize finsishing a full 5+ points ahead of second place. He played 13 of 14 tournaments with 7 Top 3 finishes.

We also saw Scotty win 4 times this season which has never been done so congrats to you on that feat!

Kevin bettered the high hand in week 14 with a better Q kicker on his quad Kings. Congrats on the $50 bonus for that.

Looking forward to crowning another champ for our 10th season next Sunday. Good luck boys, bluffing and bullshit galore! Let everyone know a cash game is in order also and I will be bringing some $$$ for it!!! Come get it fellas! LMAO

Mar 27, 2016

Week 13 is in the books and as usual things are tight at the top and bottom of the points standings. It's basically a 2 man race for the overall point title, and only 5.66 points separate 8th place down to 14th! Seats 8 and 9 at the Championship are still up for grabs in week 14. Should be a great day to see how tight everyone plays wanting those final two seats. Good luck boys and we will see you April 10th, and then the Championship on April 24th. Cheers

Feb 13, 2016

Sorry for the delay in updating standings folks, but they're up and current now. I'll be sure to update them on Tournament Sundays from here on out to the end of the season. We are in week 10 so following the next tournament in two weeks, low scores will start to be dropped. Tight race for the top prize this year. Good luck boys

Oct 23 2015

Welcome all to Season 10! We've hit double digits! Week 1 has already played out and a number of players couldnt' make it out so hopefully those numbers will be up in week 2 and continue to grow. The schedule has been posted so please look at that page on the site and mark down the dates for games. There are a few holiday conflicts this year so we skip a week a couple times. We are playing Valentine's Day so make her breakfast in bed or take her out the Saturday night because Sunday we PLAY POKER! LOL
We're always looking for players to join up so if you know someone who wants to join in please pass along my cell number or home number and have them give me a call. Look forward to seeing you all again this Sunday boys! Good luck everyone. Cheers Junior, Senior and Sue!

May 3, 2015

Congratulations to Jerry Bailey for taking the Season 9 Title. He came back after being down almost 10-1 in chips heads up against yours truly to take it down. Timely hands and board cards helped but that's poker right? He snagged the first place prize of $1050 and I walked away with second and $510. Richard finished third for $345 and Senior was fourth taking the $180 donated by the players! lol
It was another great year and I want to again thank all of our players for making it such a great league. We will very much enjoy a dinner out with the family and thank you for that. I'll be sure to let you all know well before we start the next season, SEASON 10! Can you believe we've hit 10 years? Looking forward to another 10 too. Cheers guys, Junior

April 19, 2015

Well another regular season is in the books! Wade took down week 14 with our lowest attendance this season of 10. Senior takes down the points champion with another strong finish in the final week. The final 9 remain the same as week 13 with Wade almost sneaking in there for seat 9. Thank you to all our members for another great season and hope to see many of you at the finals. A cash game will run on the side for any other players wishing to attend and play some poker, while watching the intense final 9 play out for a purse of over $1900!

Jan 11, 2015

The new year has brought a new high hand with Quad Aces with a 9 by Dennis today in Week 8. Senior takes down win number 3 on the season and keeps the point lead after the half way mark. Again, please let me know if you ARE or ARE NOT coming to play Week 9. We had a number of players sitting waiting today because only a few players had confirmed that they were indeed coming! If I know ahead of time who is playing then I can enter it into the computer and set up the tables and chips before everyone gets there, without having to make changes at the last minute because players show up three minutes to 12.

Jan 10, 2015

Well here we are in another New Year and half way through season 9. Senior is hanging on to a very narrow lead in the points standings with Sean close behind him in second. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed the holidays. Good luck to everyone in the second half.

Nov 16, 2014

Thanks to those of you that braved the storm for Week 4 of poker! It was not the nicest day to be driving and I hope everyone arrived home safe and sound. Cheers to Dennis for picking up his first win! Point standings are updated now so go have a peek. Cheers and see you all in two weeks!

Oct 21, 2014


Just a note to remind you ALL that I'd like to get things started on time as much as possible this season. I'd like everyone to fill out the attendance sheet before they leave each week so that we know exactly who is coming and who isn't the following week. This way I can set up tables, chips and the Director so the tournament is ready to start at noon sharp. For players who miss a week and then may miss the following week, please text or call myself or Senior in advance so we know. If I haven't heard from someone, and they indeed are playing but get there a few minutes late, well you may not be entered in the tournament for that given week. I don't want to keep players waiting, nor do I want to shuffle players around after they've already been seated because a player can't get there on time. We've been doing noon starts for many years now so get there by 11:45 at the latest and things can run smoothly and on time! Thank you

Oct 2014

Welcome all to Season 9! It's still hard to think that we've already played out 8 winters worth of poker, but you know what they say? Time flies when you're having fun! We had a great year last year and saw record highs for attendance and payouts in the Championship. I have a feeling we may break those this season too. Each year gets better and better and it's thanks to you, our players, that it does. Looking forward to another fun season with some new faces, Some old familiar ones returning and some great poker! Good luck everyone. Cheers Junior, Senior and Sue!

Apr 6, 2014

Once again seats at the Championship came down to the final couple of weeks. Last week Dennis pushed Senior out of a seat and into 10th on the bubble. This final week Lee battled to a heads up spot, finished 2nd and stole that seat from Dennis to snag the final seat in our Championship. Junior became just the second repeat winner of season 8 and jumped up to second place in the point standings. Here's the list of starting stacks for the final table next week! CHAMPIONSHIP CHIP COUNTS

Mar 23, 2014

Wade takes down his third victory of Season 8 and locked down the Season 8 points title by doing so. He will receive the $100 bonus for the title. With only one week left before the Championship game it looks like Hugh will likely win the $50 bonus for High hand of the year unless someone hits a Royal or the same straight flush in spades or hearts. Happy Birthday Jason Bailey today, Hugh Bailey on Tuesday, and to Senior on Wednesday, April 3rd, his 75th! We will have some grub and goodies on the day of tournament 14, Sunday April 6th as it is likely we will not get everyone out for the Championship April 13th. The chip counts will be deep for this years championship due to the prize money at stake! Everyone will have plenty of 'breathing room' to play pots. Every player will start with $150,000 plus your percentage of bonus chips. There are $900,000 bonus chips to distribute based on your percentages, which will put 2,250,000 in play for 9 players! This is going to be fun!

Mar 9, 2014

Dwayne was victorious in Week 12 with Sherman a close second and Scott in third. We did have the comeback of the year today though! Junior, yes ME, was down to a single $500 chip with 16 players still in the tournament and the blinds at $2500/$5000. First all in with Q,10 of clubs quadrupled me up to $2000. A couple hands later I picked up pocket Kings. 4 players called and Kings stood up on a Queen high board! Two hands later I pushed again with pocket Jacks and a 7 high board gave me my third triple up or better, and $37,500. Another rotation of the table and in the BB, Dwayne raised preflop and two players called, when I looked down at pocket Aces! I pushed and all three called and again I quadrupled up! I ended up 5th after pushing just over $200,000 when Dwayne pushed all in in front of me. His A,K was behind my pocket 6's until he spiked an A on the flop and my miraculous run was finally over. Two tournaments left to go, points are tightening up even more and the final seats are up to anyone. This season brings a record purse for the top three finishers with the winner looking at over a GRAND for taking the championship!!!! WOW

Feb 23, 2014

Rick takes the victory in week 11 with Senior runner up and Sherman a close third. We've managed to keep numbers up with 19 players once again. Week 12 is March break so let's hope for a full room and our first TOP 4 pay out?!?!? The leaderboard is tightening up even more and final table seats look like they'll be up for grabs right until the end of the season!

Feb 9, 2014

Wade is our first repeat winner of Season 8. He fought through 18 other players to take his second win and a commanding points lead on the field. We saw a ton of pocket pairs in week 10, many big ones that didn't hold up. We also saw a new high hand emerge from Hugh when we got to 4 handed, with a straight flush in diamonds 9-K. With only 4 weeks left it will be hard to see a hand beat it!

Jan 21, 2014

Jason Bailey takes the win in Week 9. Wade takes down 2nd and the season points lead and Junior finishes 3rd after a string of bad beats!!!!
The points are starting to tighten up and should really be interesting once we pass week 10!
Tallied up some of the stats from this season and thought it would be fun to share with you all. Total buy ins, total take, hits, points, final tables etc. Enjoy!


Jan 12, 2014

Congratulations to Pat on his first victory with the league! He battle three handed with Hugh and Rick, taking out Rick with a Flush over Ricks pocket Kings. He also took down Hugh after a good heads up battle with A,4 when he spiked an Ace on the flop to take down Hughs pocket Kings.
The high hand to date still stands with Richards Quad Queens and Ace kicker. Hugh makes the jump up to 3rd place in the season standings bumping Junior into 4th and Pat moves into 5th right behind him. The top two remain the same with Richard holding a small points lead over the next 4 places. See you all in two weeks.

Dec 29th, 2013

20 takers showed up for our 7th tourney and final one of 2013. It was one of the longest to date and Wade takes down the victory with Richard finishing 2nd and Dennis rounding up the money spots. We are now officially half way through Season 8 and the top of the leaderboard is pretty tight. I'm sure there will be a great battle to try and win a seat to the Championship, as well as a good fight to keep one! Can't wait. All the best to all our players in the New Year! Cheers!

Dec 15th, 2013

19 players in week 6! Final table was set just 3 hours in but nobody wanted to leave that final table too quickly. Kevin, Pat and Senior cashed for the first time this season. Kevin was down to $103k and was all in at one point with his 4,6 offsuit again Juniors A,Q off. 5 clubs on the board gave Kevin a flush and his 6C played over the 4C on the board!!!! I will be seeking redemption for that one! LOL Pat took second place and moved up some spots on the leaderboard and Senior took down third. Kevin vaulted into 3rd place in the standings with the win! Congrats to all three players. See you all on the 29th to welcome in 2014 early! hint hint. Make sure you have a ride Jason Bailey!!! lol

Dec 1st, 2013

20 players made it out again for week 5! Richard battled heads up with Lumpy for the win and leap frogged everyone to first place in the standings. Great job Richard. See you all on the 15th and then again on the 29th for the holiday game!

Nov 19th, 2013

Meathead tackles 19 other players to take the win in Week 4. We continue to have great attendance and filled our 24th member spot as well. I'd like to officially say welcome to all our new members this season, Sean, Ray, Brian, Pat, Scotty, Wyatt and Clint! I'd also like to welcome back the skinny man, Josh! Good to have you back even if it is just a part time gig! lol I hope you enjoy our 8th season and wish you all the best of luck.

Nov 3rd, 2013

19 players again and one of the rookies takes down Week 3. Congrats on the win Scotty. Looks like the overall Championship purse this year could be over $2000! I am going to try and estimate what the overall purse will be and hold a vote in the next couple of weeks to vote on a Championship payout.

Oct 22nd, 2013

Two tournaments into Season 8 and we are already over $1000 in the Championship Purse! 16 players week 1 and 19 players in week 2! I think it's safe to say this season will be our best and most challenging yet. Some players have mentioned that they may know others who are interested in playing this season. It's not too late to get in on one of the few seats left so if you know someone who wants to play let me know so I can sign them into a spot before they are taken. I believe we have 4 or 5 seats left with a cap at 24 members. Cheers all and see you in week 3.

April 16th, 2013

Season 7 Championship is set for Saturday!!!

Another successful season is about to wrap up Saturday with our Season 7 Championship! The purse is set and the winner will take home a juicy prize of $760, with the runner up cashing in for $460 and a healthy $305 for third! Jason Bailey will receive the $100 bonus for top Point getter this season and Kevin takes home a $50 bonus for high hand of the year with Quad Aces and Jack kicker. I truly hope all players enjoyed their year with us again as much as I enjoyed having you all. It's a pleasure for me to run this league and I hope to continue doing it for years to come! Cheers

March 28th, 2013

Season 7 coming to a close soon!

With one more tournament remaining in this season, the fight for the final seats at our Championship gets hotter! Only a handful of players are safe yet those at the top of the points race are still fighting for the Points title and the $100 bonus! The final is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th with a noon start time. If anyone who doesn't finish in the top 9 seats still wants to come out for the final, a cash game will run during the duration of the final. See you on April 7th for the final tournament game of season 7!








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