Here is the schedule for Season 14, 2019/2020. Once again, all tournaments begin with a 12:00 noon start time. If you have not called ahead to notify me you'll be late and to place your entry into the system, you will not be eligible to play in that tournament! No exceptions this year guys. It's not fair to keep the players who are on time each week waiting. All the necessary contact info is on the contact page so call or text me on my cell to tell us you ARE coming and I'll put you into the system. Your chips will be blinded off up until the first break, which is an hour and a half. That's plenty of time for you to arrive. If you have not arrived by the time break hits, your chips are removed from play and you will be eliminated from the tournament at that time. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU CALL ME AHEAD OF TIME TO SAY YOU WANT ENTRY INTO A TOURNAMENT, YOU HAVE COMMITTED TO THAT TOURNAMENT AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ENTRY FEE. If you do not make it out before the first break, you are still obligated to the other players for an entry fee to fill the prize purse for that day. I will not accept players buying into a tournament via text or a phone call and then expecting their chips to be blinded off completely. Obvious exceptions would be made for certain circumstances, but please make sure you're attending before commiting to a tournament. It is possible to buy into a tourney and then have to leave at any certain point. This will be allowed if the situation is appropriate, but will not be tolerated if constantly repeated. If a player has to leave early their remaining chips will be blinded off until they no longer have any chips. Thank you

 SEASON 14 2019/2020  
Week 1 -
October 6
Week 2 -
October 20
Week 3 -
November 3
Week 4 -
November 17
Week 5 -
December 1
Week 6 -
December 15
Week 7 -
December 29
Week 8 -
January 12
Week 9 -
January 26
Week 10 -
February 9
Week 11 -
February 23
Week 12 -
March 8
Week 13 -
March 22
Week 14 -
April 6







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